How To Buy Real Estate With An Ira

How To Buy Real Estate With An Ira

Using a SELF-DIRECTED IRA, you can invest in real estate using the money you already have in your retirement account. With such an account, you are allowed to invest in alternative investments.

By investing this way, your IRA will benefit from the appreciation of your investment property over time and will collect any rental income that will be automatically go back to your retirement account.

However, there are a lot of rules that you must be aware of with when using a self-directed IRA. The two that I feel are the most important to understand with are:

  • It must be set up correctly. You will need to get professional help to properly set up this type of account for you.
  • You cannot take money out of the account, without large tax consequence. This is great, because this is your retirement fund; just sit back and watch it grow.

I know of people that have use this method and have made billions yes with a B for their retirement.

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