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Intro To Real Estate is dedicated to providing you with online and in-person courses, tips, guidance, and mentorship to help you find success through real estate investing.

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We help people find financial freedom by creating a community of Education, Networking, Mentorship, and Real Estate Opportunities as they venture into Real Estate Investing

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In order to master anything in life, you need to find the right education, connections, and experience to develop your expertise. Intro To Real Estate fast tracks your success.

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Real estate has proven to be a powerful vehicle for wealth creation when the proper investment strategies are applied. We offer effective real estate education that teaches relevant current essential details from industry experts. Courses are available online and in a live classroom. All classes are taught by “practitioner instructors” who work hands-on in the areas they teach. You can be confident that the strategies are applicable to real-life investing! The courses adhere to the Instructional Systems Design methods, so no matter what the subject and teaching style of the instructor, you will receive a consistent, effective learning experience.

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Robert Kasinecz – Founder

Robert Kasinecz founded Intro To Real Estate to help people find financial freedom through real estate investing by connecting people with education, networking opportunities, and guidance as they venture into real estate investing.

Robert got into real estate investing after his family’s retirement plan, and income suddenly disappeared when they discovered the owner of his wife’s company …

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