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Real estate has proven to be a powerful vehicle for wealth creation when the proper investment strategies are applied. We offer effective real estate education that teaches relevant current essential details from industry experts. Courses are available online and in a live classroom. All classes are taught by “practitioner instructors” who work hands-on in the areas they teach. You can be confident that the strategies are applicable to real-life investing! The courses adhere to the Instructional Systems Design methods, so no matter what the subject and teaching style of the instructor, you will receive a consistent, effective learning experience.

There are Four main packages of real estate education we offer:

Essential Learning Path

Powerful courses to give you a solid foundation for real estate investing and financial awareness. These classes are designed to provide an affordable, efficient and convenient method to introduce anyone to the world of real estate investing. These strategies teach the concepts and mechanics of basic real estate transactions, from acquisition to exit, in an easy self-paced learning environment.

Accelerated Investor Training

Advanced courses for serious investors who wish to earn larger real estate investment profits. A strategic curriculum comprised of learning paths that focus on your specific investing goals. This curriculum focuses on either Real Estate or Wealth Management. These courses are specific to each unique path and provide in-depth knowledge and guidance for learners pursuing that investment type.

Impactful Profits Learning Path

Created as an asset to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world. Improve your company’s results with tools and strategies for coordinating processes, marketing, operations, networking, standards, sales and branding. Explore personal development that can change the trajectory and future of your business. The information presented in the PROFITS course is applicable to everyone and provides the means to take a solid step toward possibilities you never knew existed.

Educational Courses Offered


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