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Intro To Real Estate is for people like you, people who want to take the first step to financial freedom through real estate investment to ensure a powerful financial future for yourself and your family.

Knowledge is power. With each and every step you take with your education, it is vital to look for some guidance and mentoring. That is where we come in.

Your dreams are worth pursuing! Intro To Real Estate is a place where you can come, learn, and discover your next step in real estate. We’ll help you gain the right mindset, changing “I can’t do it” to “yes I can!”.

Together, let’s begin making the changes necessary for you to achieve financial freedom.

Robert Kasinecz – Founder

Robert Kasinecz founded Intro To Real Estate to help people find financial freedom through real estate investing by connecting people with education, networking opportunities, and guidance as they venture into real estate investing.

Robert got into real estate investing after his family’s retirement plan, and income suddenly disappeared when they discovered the owner of his wife’s company, responsible for 80% of their family’s annual income, was embezzling from customer’s retirement funds, including some of his family’s retirement fund. Overnight, they went from “Retire-Ready” to “Oh dear God, what are we going to do now!?!”

He needed to replace his retirement income fast. As a former president of a mortgage brokerage, he knew that the key was in real estate. In Fact… the only chance they had of bouncing back was through the real estate before he was too old to work.

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