Closing the Sale in Real Estate

Closing the Sale in Real Estate

As an investor, you want to do everything you can to ensure a successful closing. Closing the sale in real estate can sometimes be a tricky journey, but preparing in advance will help to smooth out the process. Here is what you need to know to successfully close a deal as a real estate investor.

Closing the sale in real estate: The process

Any successful closing begins with understanding the process from beginning to end. This will help you know what to expect and prepare you to make important decisions.

Get preapproved – In a seller’s market, buyers need all the leverage they can get when putting in offers. This means working with a lender and getting preapproved in advance to show sellers you are ready and committed.

Negotiate terms of contract – To begin the process, you will negotiate the terms of the transaction and enter into contract with a seller. During this process you have the opportunity to negotiate different contingencies and elements of the deal.

Conduct a title search – The title company is an essential part of the closing process. They will run a search to reveal any title issues such as liens or claim disputes. You want all title issues cleared before the property passes into your name.

Work with an inspector – A home inspector will help uncover any hidden, and potentially problematic, issues with the property. They will check the foundational integrity of the homes, HVAC system, mold, signs of pests, and more.

Renegotiate based on inspection – After the inspection is completed, you may be able to renegotiate specific terms of the contract. The seller may agree to make repairs, provide a credit to you at closing, or even lower the purchase price.

Schedule final walk through – If any changes or repairs were agreed upon, make sure these were done as you do your final walk through of the property. Check that condition is that which you agreed upon as well. This is your final opportunity to make changes before closing.

Review closing documents – Before the closing, you will have the chance to review final closing documents, including a preliminary closing disclosure from your lender. This will have a preliminary estimate of what you will bring to closing.

It’s closing time! – You will get your final ‘cash to close’ from your lender and bring this amount to the closing table where you will sign all necessary documents. Once finalized, the keys are yours.

Learn from experienced investors

An important part of closing the sale in real estate is learning from those that came before you. Rather than making unnecessary mistakes, seek out the wisdom of experienced investors. This can help you save time and money and ensure you are starting off on the right foot. They also may help you avoid any tricky legal messes. Networking with experienced investors is a key element of investing, and can help you establish a team of trusted partnerships for future success.

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