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Deal Of The Decade

How do you find a perfect property? Use creative lead generation methods and strategies to open new doors for yourself and others.

The Dunn Deal Formula

Solidify your success when you know the best ways to contact the right people and use multiple media platforms to expand your reach.

Business Automation

Know the tools needed to automate your processes, so you can make your business work for you, not the other way around.

D.R.I.V.E. for Sales

Learn your D.R.I.V.E personality type, as well as how to market to each one creating a customized experience for your customer.

Due Diligence

Through a detailed research process, ensure every deal you do is as safe and secure as possible so you have a positive financial outcome.

1031 Exchanges

Increase your investment returns by implementing the 1031 Exchange Rules and deferring payment of Capital Gains taxes.


Do you have what it takes for a successful wholesale deal? You will with this explanation of lenders, contracts and strategy.

Raising Money & Partnerships

Navigate the waters of real estate investing safely with this guide to properly structuring your partnerships and investments.

D.R.I.V.E. for Communication

Use the D.R.I.V.E. personality system when you prepare presentations to really connect with your audience and be more profitable.

Business and Velocity Banking

Take the most successful method of managing finances, Velocity Banking, and learn how to apply it in the business world.

Short Term Rentals

Short-Term Rentals are a hot real estate trend. Learn how to secure and manage a property for your ideal customer and grow your portfolio.


Find out the secrets to making Auctions work for you using lead-generation, due diligence & making the best bid to win.

Lease Options

Enlarge your long-term investments holdings and assist frustrated sellers when you know how to successfully manage lease options.

Social Selling

Maximize the potential of social media. Use specific methods and tools to increase not only your network, but also your profits.

D.R.I.V.E. for Development

Learn how to apply the D.R.I.V.E. principles to your own personal development and relationships.

Cost Segregation

Utilize the Cost Segregation strategy to save your small business some tax money.

Real Estate Foundations

The smart step for those new to Renatus, this course offers the best methods for developing a solid real estate investment system.

Commercial Analysis

Commercial investments have the greatest potential. Know which ones are worth the risk with the tools in Commercial Analysis.

Commercial Leases

The real profit from commercial leases is built on this: sections and details of a lease, terminology and contract clauses

Renatus Launch to Success (Fast Track Review)

Make the most of your Renatus experience with this class, designed to help you find your best path as a real estate investor.

Private & Hard Money

No cash and no credit? You can still be part of a profitable real estate investment when you leverage resources and raise capital.

Market Analysis

Know how to identify and sort through data to find and use relevant information in locating and evaluating investment properties.

Financial Strategies

Match the right type of funding with your purchase. Identify the best account and strategy for each real estate transaction.

Social Media Success

Use social media tools, organize your posts and share quality content to build your brand, expand your network and grow your business.

Tax & Legal

Knowledge is the key to keeping what you make, and these tips will guide you to the best tax & legal decisions for your business.

Multi-Family Fix & Flip

Find your investing niche and learn proven techniques to acquiring, updating and selling a multi-family investment property.

Integrated Business Growth & Development

Embrace entrepreneurship and make the most of your business, from the first idea, through business design, marketing, and growth.

Wealth Acceleration

Financial options and economic independence can become your reality when you apply the five P's of Wealth Architecture.

Velocity Banking

Take control of your finances in surprising ways, when you rapidly reduce debt with this life-changing technique.

Creative Acquisitions

Empower yourself to use less typical means of acquiring investments, that are fully legal, realistic and profitable

Understanding Mortgages

No two investors are alike. Be aware of your personal investing preferences, risk tolerance & strengths to maximize your portfolio

Commercial Real Estate Procedures

Make the most of your transaction when you know the purchase procedure, research and details required to close a commercial deal

Commercial Real Estate Introduction

Take the first step toward larger returns with this class about commercial leases, document details, and finding & analyzing deals


Learn the tips, methods and details necessary to present a financial solution that benefits each party involved in a foreclosure


Master face-to-face interactions and secure positive results in your transactions that increase your personal & financial success

Understanding Your Investor ID

No two investors are alike. Be aware of your personal investing preferences, risk tolerance & strengths to maximize your portfolio

Short Sales

Problem-solving is the key to Short Sale investing, from securing the property to creating value, to negotiating with the bank


Discover how the differences between typical residential and multi-family properties will affect your purchase and management of these properties

Self Directed IRA

Transform your mindset, your finances and your future through the informed creation and application of a Self-Directed IRA

Understanding Credit

Stop restricting your personal finances when you utilize credit wisely and improve your score, giving you the freedom to invest

Tenants & Rental Agreements

Learn the best ways to find, interview and keep those "golden tenants" while filling all legal requirements

Title, Escrow & Closing

Documents, transactions and terminology are explained & discussed, so you know what to expect during the purchase process

Introduction to Short Term Rentals

Short-term vacation rentals are an exciting new strategy, following current trends and providing great opportunities to earn a profit

Your Most Valuable Real Estate

Know how to take control of your health, embrace your best self and elevate your choices to live a true Champion Life

Selling Through The Screen

Using online platforms to interact with clients

Advanced Note Strategies

Insider information including investor types, note servicing, pricing, and due diligence

Seller Financed Notes

Learn the secret to generating income through a property, without owning it, employing this surprisingly successful strategy

Multi-Family Property Managers

Evaluate management options for your multi-family investment property and make the best decision for your personal portfolio


Minimize the stress and chaos of bankruptcy by being educated and fully prepared to make informed decisions about your future

Auctions Analysis

Increase your success by mastering Auction Analysis, including prioritization, research, estimations and putting in your bid

Contract for Deed

Open up a world of possibilities with this strategy, including deal structuring, third-party servicing and investment team building

Buy & Hold

Make your Long-term property investments more lucrative with the right property, exit strategy and transaction control

Managing Property Managers

Turn the menial tasks of property management over to a reliable and capable manager, to free up your time for more investing

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