Building Your Team- Part 1

Building Your Team- Part 1

As you start off in real estate investing, things can seem pretty daunting very fast. That is why we stress that finding an educational program to get you fluent in the field is important. However, as you start making investments in real estate, you will find that there are many people needed in order to help you be successful in making and closing your investment deals. It is critical to find partners and the right team members that compliment your skills.

However, before we start talking about other people. We should start with ourselves. I want you to start thinking about what your strengths and weaknesses (and how your strengths and weaknesses could help or hinder your success. Are you skillful at sales, engaging people? Are you skilled with your hands? Are you good crunching numbers quickly? Are you a lawyer? An accountant? Also, think about how much time you have available to commit to each property. Answering these questions will help you in determining what people will be beneficial when building your team. Know that your skills will be valuable in pursuing real estate investing. However, you simply will not be able to do everything on your own. Know what you can do and then find others to do the rest. That is this week’s tip: in order to build a successful team, you need to first take an honest assessment of yourself.

In the following weeks, we will discuss the various team members you can add to your investing team, but for now take some time and honestly assess where you are at. In the meantime, please feel free to schedule a 15-minute consolation call with us by clicking the below link. We can discuss where you are at, where you want to go, and see if we can help you achieve your goals. Wishing you great success in all you do!

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Below is a list of the 10 different roles people can play on your team that we will discuss in the next two weeks. It is important to note that you will not need all of your team up and running to start investing, but you should start taking to as many as possible in each field to find and see who you may want on your team later as you grow.

Mentor, Deal Finders, Lenders/Bankers, Title Company, CPA, Attorney, Contractors, Cleaning Company, Property Manager, and an Accountability Group


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